Xiphophorus evelynae

Xiphophorus evelynae  Rosen, 1960

Affiliation: southern platyfish

IUCN status: data deficient

Distribution: restricted to headwaters of Río Tecolutla/Necaxa above watefalls at 1200 m, Puebla, Mexico

Known locations (existing/former): 1/1

Habitat description: shallow and fast flowing river, with larger rocks and aquatic plants, winter temperature around 16 °C; also in the reservoirs of a local power company

Biotope reports:

  • none yet
Río Necaxa, Puebla, Mexico
Habitat of Xiphophorus evelynae, Río Necaxa

Description: medium size (< 5 cm) platyfish, basic colour pale to yellowish, sometimes with dark speckling on the flanks; adult males have 8 to 12 thin black vertical bars; dorsal and caudal fin can be yellow or orange (but not the whole fin, colour usually faints towards the edge); very similar to X. variatus, but X. evelynae has a stouter body and shorter caudal peduncle

Variability: individuals with more or less black markings and coloured fins are known

Xiphophorus evelynae, young male
Xiphophorus evelynae, vertical bars are thin but visible

XWG status: not yet actively managed

Represented in aquaria: moderately

Known issues: needs oxygenated water, does not tolerate long periods of heat

Known collections or populations: several different labels are used, mostly without full data available for the collection site/date

  • Río Necaxa
  • Río Tecolutla
  • Rio Necaxa; Szczendzina 1994
  • Rio Tecolutla (Necaxa), Puebla. Mexico, 2005
  • Rio Texcapa, 2012

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