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We want to promote the keeping of wild strains of Xiphophorus (platies and swordtails) and build a network of breeders to support the conservation of these amazing fish.

Meeting in Leipzig!!!

The next big meeting of Goodeid Working Group and Xiphophorus Working Group will take place in Leipzig, Germany on 29.9.-1.10.2023 together with the meeting of VDAAK Lebendgebärende Aquarienfische.

All details are available in this invitation. If you can already confirm your attendace, please register (see the invitation).

List of presentations (all presentations will be always translated to English/German):

  • Michael Köck (Austria/Mexico): Working in Conservation of Splitfins – my first four months in Morelia
  • Cedric Haus et al. (Germany): Care and breeding of Allodontichthys polylepis as a school project
  • Michael Köck (Austria/Mexico): Habitats of Toothcarps in Mexico, a look below the surface
  • Dávid Urbányi (Hungary): Xiphophorus – the way I do it
  • Diana Itzel Juárez Orozco (Mexico): UANL and its potential contribution to the Xiphophorus conservation
  • Diana Gabriela Díaz García (Mexico): Northern platyfish biotopes in 2023
  • Markéta Rejlková (Czech Republic): XNP, XWG, IUCN, EEP, EUAC, UANL… and the grey little fish and you

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This is not just for Xipho breeders, but for friends of all Poeciliids: We know far from everything about sperm storage in viviparous fish. And we all can help the research quite easily! See this article for details.

What’s new?

10th European Convention of the Goodeid Working Group was held on 2.-3.6.2023 in Slovenia together with the Xiphophorus Working Group.

Report from this meeting written by Dávid Urbányi can be found here.

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And our first interview with Xiphophorus breeder: Dávid Urbányi. Enjoy photos from his aquariums and Mexican biotopes!

New sections of our website: SPECIES and BIOTOPES – see the top menu!

There is only one species profile and one biotope report so far. Join our working group and help us collect information and photos. Thank you!

Important article about the 1st European Xipho census written by Kees de Jong – read it here!

The joint meeting of Goodeid Working Group and Xiphophorus Working Group took place in Vienna on 27.-29.5.2022. Information about progress we’ve made and upcoming activities has been sent to all who subscribed to our mailing list.

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