Xiphophorus milleri

Xiphophorus milleri   Rosen, 1960

Affiliation: southern platyfish

IUCN status: data deficient

Distribution: Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico (lake tributaries)

Known locations (existing/former): 1/1

Habitat description: recorded in numerous streams draining into the lake, also in the outlet above the waterfall El Salto de Eyipantla; streams are usually shallow with slow to fast current, with sand and silt substrate and occasional stones, with some algal growth and riparian vegetation

Biotope reports:

  • none yet
Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico
Stream draining into the lake, biotope of X. milleri

Description: small to medium (females < 4,5 cm) platyfish; body form resembles more swordtails than platies; slender body with females being more compact; basic colour greyish or yellow/orange, mostly with black markings of varying sizes (see below)

Variability: there is a form completely without black spots; according to Rosen (1960), less than half specimens exhibit black markings – but spotted fish are more often kept in aquariums (with either irregular spots on the body or definite rows of black barkings along the flanks); there is also some variety in the tail patterns, size of the black spots, and the intensity of underlying yellow/orange colour

Xiphophorus milleri, spotted form
Xiphophorus milleri, huge wild caught female

XWG status: not yet actively managed

Represented in aquaria: moderately

Known issues:

Known collections or populations: all populations are generally labeled “Lago de Catemaco” or “Laguna Catemaco” etc.

  • Zufluss zur Laguna de Catemaco, zwischen Coyanne und Tepank; Veracruz; Mexiko, ungefleckt – unspotted strain kept in Germany, more details are missing

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