Xiphophorus meyeri

Xiphophorus meyeri Schartl & Schröder, 1988

Affiliation: northern platyfish

IUCN status: extinct in the wild

Distribution: single spring near Melchor Múzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico

Known locations (existing/former): 0/1

Habitat description: spring pool with clear water, submerged aquatic and riparian vegetation, moderate flow; later converted to a semi-natural swimming pool in municipal recreational park

Biotope reports:

La Cascada, Melchor Múzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico
El Socavón, Melchor Múzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico

Description: small (mostly < 3,5 cm) platyfish, greyish basic colour, usually with prominent black blotches on the body but not fins

Variability: two forms are know – the spotted one is the most common and dominant; wild form (without deep lying macromelanophores) is less common and recessive

Xiphophorus meyeri, spotted form
Xiphophorus meyeri, wild form

XWG status: actively managed

Represented in aquaria: moderately

Known issues: susceptible to mycobacteria; stopping reproduction for no apparent reason

Known collections or populations: only one population (are all fish descendants of the collection by Meyer,1982? – needs clarification)


This species is managed within the project “Xiphophorus – Northern Platyfish” under the guidance of the Austrian Association for Vivaristics and Ecology (ÖVVÖ).

It is also managed in the Ex situ programme for the family Poeciliidae of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

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